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Jim Munchbach

Announcing Archetype Wealth Partners in Houston Texas!

My friend Jeff Thomas invited me to join his team at Morgan Stanley while I was a State Farm agent in Houston. Even though I was a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢, I just didn’t have access to a wide range of wealth management services so I would refer my clients to Jeff’s team at Williams Tower in Houston.

Eventually, I joined Jeff’s team at Morgan Stanley but we quickly learned that the big wirehouse wasn’t the best place to serve the wealth management needs of our families. And so, after many years of thinking, praying, and planning, we’ve launched Archetype Wealth Partners.

My role on the team will be Director of Financial Planning and we’re working hard to build the best Financial Planning Department in Houston. I hope your family will consider joining the Archetype team. We don’t want you to miss out on this unique opportunity.

Jim Munchbach Director of Financial Planning

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Retiring Boomers, Business owners, and entrepreneurs, especially those who are facing a liquidity event such as the sale of their company. Probably, most of your wealth has been tied up in your business for years or even decades. Now you may have more liquid assets than you’ve ever owned, and you’re unsure what to do with them. The new money is like another business to manage and you’ve been running so hard to sell the company that you haven’t really had time to process what to do next. In addition, the sale of your business may have significant implications for your family members, including heirs who may or may not plan to carry on your business. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your wealth will bring your family together, rather than driving them apart. And with your identity so closely tied to your businesses for most of your life, you now also face critical personal as well as financial choices in setting out a new vision for your future—especially since you finally have time to give more thought to the vision for your future, your values, and your purpose moving forward.

Families who have achieved significant financial success often have busy schedules that leave you with too little time at home and scant opportunity to ponder meaning and purpose. With your family time under pressure, you may not know whether your family members agree with your vision, values, goals, and purpose.

Or, maybe you have conflicting needs and desires that have never been clearly expressed to the next generation.

Your heirs may need guidance about how to successfully manage an inheritance and what to expect in the future. You may need help communicating with the next generation and instilling a shared sense of purpose for your family–much like you have done with your work colleagues. Beyond your own hearth and home, you also care deeply about the communities in which you work and live. Maybe you’re eager to give back, but your schedules have not enabled you to create a well thought out philanthropic plan that allows you to say “yes” to the right things and “no” to the wrong ones. In order to find greater purpose in you busy life, you may need a master plan that guides your decisions, refocuses your priorities and empowers your family with purpose.

You give lots of advice to lots of families, but where do you go for a little planning.

With over 25 years as a State Farm agent, I’ve seen the same movie again and again.

Whether you’re a State Farm agent or a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, you need a plan.

Your business depends on it. Your clients depend on you.

At Archetype Wealth Partners, we understand your business and its our business to serve your business.

When we meet, I have a special gift just for you.

Trust is What Matters Most in any relationship.

Your family deserves to work with a Wealth Management team who understands your purpose.