Archetype Welcomes Peter Roselle!

Our Story


Our team at Archetype Wealth Partners will work to align your financial plans with your life’s purpose. You’ll find timeless principles and a disciplined planning method to help you clearly define your family’s objectives while creating an exclusive blueprint for your financial success. This unique process, which includes deeper conversations, facilitates a supportive space for you and your family to explore and discern what matters most. As a multi-generational firm, we are built to serve your entire family–generations ahead and generations behind you. We strive to provide improved clarity, confidence, communication and, ultimately, more contentment to your financial life.

Meet The Team

Jeff Thomas
Founder and CEO
Cale Dowell
Vice President
Sarah Bradley
Private Client Manager
Leslie Phelps
Client Service Manager
Mike Richter
Gretchen Richter
Private Client Manager
Pat Combs
Ethan Pollard
Senior Analyst/Wealth Advisor
Conner Combs
Wealth Advisor
Peter Roselle
Director - NYC


Evolution Play Video

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Does your current financial advisor share your values?
  2. If not, how can they ask you the right questions?
  3. Have you clarified what values define your family? (What does it mean to be a “YourFamilyName”?)
  4. Are those values reflected in all aspects of your financial life?
  5. Do you have a written financial/legacy plan?
  6. Have you communicated your plan to your heirs?
  7. Are your heirs prepared for what they will inherit?
  8. Have you asked yourself how much is enough for you?
  9. Do you know how much in estate taxes you will pay?
  10. Would you like to redirect tax payments to charitable gifts?
  11. Who will “walk out” your plan with your family when you are gone?
  12. Do you have a plan to protect the downside risk in your portfolio?