Archetype launched with a vision for scale. Leading firms in the wealth management industry share fundamental
similarities in terms of operation, structure, and offering for both clients and industry professionals. As a
result, we began to reimagine
what the ideal model would look like — without any of the baggage, restrictive environments or lack of support,
and collaboration holding us back. We dreamed of unique company that stands apart.

And we’re not the only ones.

We’ve found that countless industry professionals have had similar imaginings. Perhaps you’re one of them. And
instead of continuing to dream about what it might look like, we decided to build it.

Current Rebuilt So We Can …
Public Private Have Freedom
Represent Bank Represent Client Lead with Integrity
Silo Practice Full Collaboration Scale & Grow
Asset Scorecard Relational Scorecard Be Fulfilled
Shallow Relationships Deep Relationships Share Purpose
Limited Training Equipped for Success Maximize Potential
Erratic Process Consistent Process Increase Capacity
No Culture Amazing Culture Have Fun
Stick to Numbers Narrative Matters Impact Lives
noun: Ideal model

Our core focus is to help people (our clients and our team) Live Abundantly. Work for something you believe in. Have a meaningful impact. Look forward to Monday. Have fun doing it.

Interested in rebuilding Wall Street? Let’s have a conversation.